Font-Romeu Fencing Training Camp

The É.P. training camp offers an innovative approach aimed at developing the autonomy of young fencers who regularly take part in épée competitions and are looking to develop their performance.

The fencers are monitored individually through performance tests conducted at the beginning and throughout of the training period and through an individual analysis of their game. An individual training and monitoring plan is drawn up for each fencer.

The organization of the group work allows everyone to be confronted with different approaches and conceptions of competitive fencing. Each fencer is thus led to develop their own fencing approach.

Strength of the EP Fencing Training Camp

The aim of the EP Fencing Training Camp is to offer young fencers an individualized preparation addressing all aspects of épée competitive performance with high-level professional coaching at the National High Altitude Training Center in FontRomeu.

Age  range: 13-23

Check-in: 18 July, 2019 @ 14.00am

Check-out: 26 July, 2019 @12.00am

Overnight camper fees: 760 euros (Fees include instruction, meals and room).


Strength of the Fencing Training Camp camp

Individual follow-up
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Recovery and Fitness
An International Fencing Training Camp

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